How to build a brand [Intro]

Welcome to How to build a brand.

A weekly segment that will highlight the most essential and effective modus operandi on building a scalable brand.

I've been fortunate to work with hyper-growth companies for six years. During my tenure, I have learned many valuable methodologies, frameworks, and "hidden secrets" that are transferrable and highly effective.

I will also be highlighting some great case studies and nitpicking some timeless lessons we can all learn from.

If you are at the MVP stage of building your company, or you've created a company but want to scale, or you're just an aspiring entrepreneur that wants to develop their fundamental understanding of building scalable companies, then you're at the right place.

My goal is to use my experience, and the theoretical analysis of scaling companies and merging the two into bite-sized action plans that you can take with you each week.

My first segment will start next week, where we will go through the principles of building a brand and what a brand is.

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