Hello world...

Updated: Mar 25

As I virtually wave at those who have decided to read my very first blog on this website, I would like to start off by saying, WELCOME!

My name is Ali Galan, a marketing- okay enough with this bio yap.

I've decided to restart my blog on to this new and shiny rebranded website as I wanted to provide a more personal account to my life. My previous blog did well. However, it began to plateau, and I lost the substance that made me want to start writing in the first place.

Let's start with a quick history lesson;

I was originally born in Helsingborg, Sweden:

My family decided to migrate to the United Kingdom in 2003 as my father was hired to work in London as a business manager.

Let's fast forward...


Unfortunately, we picked one of the worst parts of London as our home. I was exposed to a lot of deprivation, poverty, and false opportunities. The communities were bombarded with crime and police that my parents felt like the only way to keep us safe was for us to stay at home.

It got so bad that my mum had to practically lock us in the house by purchasing a Playstation (which was against her principles of wasting time on video games). However, we never complained. We found peace in playing and reading.

I knew at a young age that I had potential. My teacher's used to see an element of entrepreneurship in me. My first hustle was a snack tuck shop that I ran from my book bag, selling snacks for £1. (Very typical right?)

When I was 14, I started my own online game store - I would sell pre-owned bundle games under the market value.

It was the first time that I made money - like real money. However, it was also the first time that I realised that your business will ultimately die if you don't have enough supply to match the demand.

Unfortunately, I had to deactivate the website 1-year after running it successfully from my bedroom—one of the saddest day's of my life.

Money has always been a motivating factor for me. Not necessarily the accumulation of it, but the freedom it provided.

As the website money was running low, it was at that point that I decided that I needed to go out on my own and start working for my own money.

My parent's "hard-working" genes were fortunately passed down to me, and I realised that I had to claw my way to work for good companies.

At first, I had doubts, "Who wants this young inexperienced kid from a deprived area in South London?"

However, I put my excuses aside and sent emails to the companies that I admired.

Bad Grammar Ali — Tut Tut Tut

I sent approximately 266 emails to 102 companies.

A couple of the companies was amazed by my persistence and wished me the best of luck, whilst others completely ignored me :(

I always felt that God has a plan for everybody, so I received my first email back from StudioCanal+.

The perseverance landed me an internship at the prestigious StudioCanal+. I couldn't believe some of the exciting projects I was exposed to. The internship was completely unpaid whilst I was attending University, which meant that I had to find an alternative method to make some income.

In adjacent to working at StudioCanal, I found a basic part-time job at PC World. My title was a sales advisor. Working in marketing at an established entertainment company and the sales experience at a major retail chain played a crucial part in how I understood the business world.

The right level of exposure gave me the confidence to be much broader, and forward-thinking, which was a fundamental necessity to pass my internship.

My internship review was up, and again, by the grace of God, I was promoted.

I went from being an intern making coffees and delivering film rushes to large organisations like 20th Century Fox for free to be a part-time to then full-time marketing assistant in less than a year.

Through grit and determination, I started my career in Marketing at the tender age of 18.

The rest is history...

(I plan to publish one blog a week here, which is similar to the schedule on my previous website. I am also planning on sending out monthly newsletters, so feel free to subscribe)